My LesboGF Review

The GF Network is a major porn website company that features over 15 different sites, including MyLesboGF, for under $1 a day. As a site that specializes in amateur and lesbian porn, MyLesboGF is just one of many niches to enjoy through membership with The GF Network.

Let’s take a deeper look at MyLesboGF.

Inside MyLesboGF

Since this is an amateur porn site, you’re getting home-made videos and content. Don’t expect anything fancy or super high-quality as if it came from professional sources. Some pictures may surprise you, with a level of skill that makes you wonder if they do this professionally, but in general, it’s an amateur lesbian site.

That being said, there is so much more to MyLesboGF than just watching girls play around for the camera. It’s a surprisingly kinky little gem hidden with the other sites in the network.


  • Full network access with cheap membership
  • Inconsistent video and picture quality
  • Fewer clips than pictures
  • Unlimited downloads at base membership price


  • Paying for porn is never fun
  • Cluttered with advertisements
  • Inconsistent updates
  • Not much exclusive content

Lesbian Porn

The content on MyLesboGF mainly from galleries, with several dozen pictures in them each. While they do have videos, about 400+ clips total on MyLesboGF, you’re paying for the pictures. With about 1,000 galleries, including the screencaps from videos, you get a lot of static visual content to choose from.

MyLesboGF is all about the girl-on-girl action that is so tantalizingly appealing. It runs on the idea that men film and photograph their girlfriends and her friends getting sexy together for the camera, and you get a wide variation of kinks and displays.

Some of the picture show hesitating bi girls, shy and innocent, while others get nasty and into the dirty bits immediately. You can even find somewhere the boyfriend steps in for an arousing threesome!

It’s worth noting that the individuality of the content has the tendency to be a bit stale. Girls are all about the same age, body type, and the material doesn’t get too unique from movie to movie. This is definitely a site that caters to a specific niche and would be most enjoyed by those who are big fans.

User Interface

A lot of times, you’ll find that amateur porn sites are a bit cluttered and hard to navigate. MyLesboGF steps away from that and even has some advanced search and navigation settings you wouldn’t expect to find.

Some of the common porn site features that MyLesboGF understandably lacks is a model index since everything is amateur and homemade. You only won’t get any detailed descriptions of videos, galleries, or submissions.

Membership Pricing

On its own, the prices for MyLesboGF seem really high. You have to remember what all comes with that cost, though. Access to 15+ amateur girlfriend sites live cams offered by The GF Network hosts, and more come with your monthly costs.

  • 1-day trial: $1
  • 1-month recurring payment:$27.95
  • 3-month special deal: $59.97

When you break it down, you’re paying under $1 for over 15 websites. That calculates out to $0.06 per site, per day. You didn’t think you’d get a math lesson with your porn review, did you? Well, surprise!


When you sign up for MyLesboGF, you’re also signing up for The GF Network, which holds over 30 different sites. These range from specific niches on each site from dirty housewives, Indian GFs, Arab GFs, and sluts with phones, a huge amateur nude network by real girls.

Membership bonuses also include unlimited downloads, no hidden fees, and customer service. These are all relatively rare with major porn networks.

The GF Network has been an amateur porn fan-favorite for years and MyLesboGF is one of their most popular websites to enjoy. If you can handle questionable qualities at the time, it’s worth the membership, especially when you break it down.

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