LikedGirls Review

Dirty Fun With Strangers

Porn can get boring lately, with all the different sites out there that seem to parrot the best networks that have stolen the show for decades. How do you break away from the same old, same old porn?

Try out a website with a rich story behind each and every video, and a lot of erotic build to the movies uploaded. LikedGirls is an innovative way to tell a dirty fun with strangers and bringing light to how a God would live.

What Is LikedGirls?

Don’t be fooled! While LikedGirls looks like a social media knock-off or a cheap hookup site at a glance, it’s way different, and much more rewarding. LikedGirls is a porn site with user-uploaded and created content. They advertise it as being real stories and footage from real social media hookups.

Imagine you and a girl from Tinder get it on, and you get video of it. Where would you put that erotic, steamy content? LikedGirls would be the perfect destination.

If you’re wanting to watch these hookups and follow along with the story behind them, LikedGirls is a unique way to mold together storytelling, fetishes and kinks, and excellent porn into a display of intimacy with strangers.

The LikedGirls Story

As the website says, the person behind the camera during these hookups is Jax, an avid social media user who finds hundreds of girls to hook-up with, film, and share for the world to see. Basically, he is living the American Dream right here, with free sex with hot strangers every single night.

Fortunately for us, he’s letting us take a peek into what it’s like to live as a Modern God.

Interest? So was I, so I dove in deeper.

The Videos & Porn

Each video uploaded by Jax has a bit of a backstory to it, explaining how he met this girl, what led up to their fucking, and sometimes a few sexy tidbits about the experience. There is a different section for each way the girl was discovered, from snapchat to tinder to facebook.

As far as the videos go, the quality is excellent, the girls are hot, and the scenes are beyond wild. You get a little bit of everything depending on the girl who fell into Jax’s bed for the night, and you can experience a lot of different kinks through his adventures.

Over 1000 videos are advertised on the site since Jax has been filming his social media-induced fucking since 2002. You get fucked in the car, the lawn, the bed, the bath, the couch… anything you can imagine, Jax has caught it on camera.


Most of these girls are amateurs, and their details aren’t included in the videos, which makes it all much more innocent and wrong to be watching. It feels so good though!

The only thing you have to be careful about is seeing a girl you really know! Jax travels, and he may have been to your town, and his movies have proven he is irresistible.


Without a membership, you can’t do much, which is unfortunate. However, the prices aren’t terrible for the quality you get. Once you’re on the site, you can’t preview movies, but you can see the different pages available to see the titles and the screenshot.

The prices for membership are offered in 2 packages:

  • 1 month: $29.99
  • 1 year: $119.95


This is the only area that LikedGirls lacks, so it was worth mentioning. The videos are all very unique and none is quite similar, however, you’ll have to take some time to find the perfect one for you. There is no specific search or browsing filters available, just a pagination section to flip through pages of videos shown in a grid.

The Takeaway

For a porn site, LikedGirls has a really fun and unique idea and way presentation. Are all the stories true? It’s better to believe than to disbelieve! LikedGirls help to make porn exciting and fun again, while also bringing a bit of storytelling element to the scene.

The sheer amount of horny amateur girls all caught on high-quality camera, with a professional fucker and filmer behind the lens, makes the site well worth the price and time spent viewing. I didn’t get bored, and you won’t either.

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