Instant Hookups Gay Review

The gay community has taken a lot of ground in the last years. Thanks to hard work and changes in politics, it has become easier to flirt and live in public which is a great step forward. But, not all gay people are as extrovert as we are used to seeing on the media.

In this way, the use of adult hookup sites is usually a great tool! Nevertheless, there are few sites in which you can participate ina good gay user-pool, especially when the sites aren’t sexually oriented.

Instant Hookups Gay openly offers to relieve such need, and for this reason, we decided to clear out if this is a platform worth of your time and money.

What is Instant Hookups Gay?

This website is a multifunctional platform that promises access to instant links between users.

Thus, it is aimed at casual encounters, and open to people of any gender or sexual orientation.

The detail about this site is that it has a bad reputation at the level of reviews, so it is difficult to know if they meet or not with what was promised.

The promise

Among other things, this dating website promises that:

  1. You will find couples and chat instantaneously
  2. All the service is free -although they ask for your credit card information to validate that you are of legal age-
  3. There is a 100% chance that you will be able to connect with someone even once – they even pose it as a guarantee seal-

Now, based on this, the site looks like paradise, right? But, let’s be honest for a second here, it is basically impossible to offer instant hookups –Unless users are able to pay for such hookups which are illegal in most countries-

But, let’s see if they do keep their word.

  1. Instant matching: While you will get instant matches as you log in, there is a 99% probability of it being a bot or a control member. –We will talk more about this later-
  2. Free service: As soon as you create your account you will be asked for your credit card information in order to validate your age and ID; the problem comes when you don’t uncheck the side services of the membership.
    So, no, it is not a scam in this regard, but it is fishy. If you are not fully aware of what you accept you can end up paying 100$ a month in reality porn sites that you didn’t ask for.
  3. 100% matching possibility: Again, this is an overstatement. A gay man does have more chances of hooking up here than a straight man; but, given the low feminine user-pool, it would be really hard for a lady to get girl-on-girl action.

What is a control user?

Control users are paid profiles, people who work for the site in order to keep it moving and lure new users to stay.

They will chat with you, and even keep things hot for a while, but don’t ever expect to meet them in person and much less to have sex with them.

Now let’s answer the big questions here:

Is Instant Hookups Gay a scam?

No, but it does use some dirty tricks to take money out of your pocket.

Can a gay man get laid here?

Sure, if you are lucky enough, have nice looks and are willing to spend a lot of time searching among the control users.

IS Instant Hookups Gay one of the best dating sites for gay people?

Not really, this site is overall a below average option. You can get what you want, but it is quite uncertain that you succeed, and you also have to be very aware of everything you do in the site to avoid accepting additional charges.

To Conclude

Instant Hookups Gay may not be a scam, but the service is poorly driven and the user-pool isn’t that great. In this regard, a gay man can benefit from the site but keep in count that the highest percentage of male users are just straight guys fishing and control users.

You do have more chances here than any straight guy, but there is the drawback of constant tricks to make you pay for sponsored porn sites, which make it really hard to trust the site –which along to the use of control profiles should be a big no-

In the end, it is up to you, the site is relatively safe from hacks and hard scams, but is not one of the best adult dating sites you can find.

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