Grow And Show With Virility EX?

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There is not just one factor behind erectile dysfunction. And it is a problem that profoundly affects the intimate, emotional and physical life of those who suffer from it. Each case is unique, but studies have shown that most of the time it may be due to physical or psychological problems.

Today there are hundreds of treatments and therapies that are applied regularly in these cases. However, there are “natural” alternatives such as Virility EX that promise to provide very effective results to promote sexual activity. But, not all of them are what they seem…

That is why in this article we decided to thoroughly analyze this natural testosterone booster to help you see if it is a good testosterone supplement or simply a scam.

What Type of Treatment Do You Get With Virility Ex?

The causes of dysfunction or lack of libido can be diverse and in most cases, drugs are used for erectile dysfunction.

Many of these medications focus on improving the blood supply in the genital area or balancing testosterone levels, which is very effective in 99% of cases. But, none of this has a direct effect on the permanent size of the penis.

That is why Virility Ex has caught our attention since it is a natural supplement that promises both effects, but supposedly without the risks implied by other supplements made with artificial components.

Virility EX is a natural treatment made with herbs and plants that improve circulation and also increase testosterone production. These are:

·     Yohimbe:

It is the bark of a tree originally from Zaire. It has the ability to increase sexual arousal and is invigorating. It also increases the energy for sports.

·     Peruvian Maca:

It is a root that extends the sexual libido, and that regulates the production of testosterone.

·     Tribulus Terrestris:

It is a plant whose properties increase sexual desire and also increase the level of the male hormone.

·     Goat Grass in Zeal:

A shepherd discovered that it increased sexual activity in animals and in humans. It is a great natural sexual complement.

With these components, the drug promotes sexual activity without introducing elements that could be risky. So, its properties then fulfill the function of regulating the hormones related to your sexual activity but do nothing about the size of the penis.

What Can I Get With Virility Ex?

At a medical level, we can say that Virility Ex works at a certain point, due to its natural ingredients that stimulate sexual encounters with its properties.

But it does not have any ingredients that can in effect enlarge the size of the penis, which is important for male confidence.

However, during the first months of use you will appreciate:

  • Increase in libido
  • Harder Erections
  • Increase in sexual resistance

This supplement is presented as a natural option to eliminate male sexual problems but, after a few months the body becomes accustomed to the ingredients and the effect will gradually diminish.

This Testosterone Supplement Has Side Effects?

Since it is a natural supplement, there have been no problems with the consumption of Virility Ex.

In other words, it has no side effects beyond the fact that it stops working after a few months of consumption.

However, we consider it important to warn you about the consumption of Yohimbe, which is present in these tablets. If this ingredient is consumed in excess it can increase the beating of the heart and cause health problems.

The level of Yohimbe is minimal in this supplement, however, there are risks if you mix it with others to increase or lengthen its effects.

Is Virility EX Worth is Price?

Given the fact that it costs only 50 $ / month (30 pills) and the effect can be granted for a few months, this can be a great option to treat low testosterone in men. On the other hand, there are also offers that give away 3 months of treatment for $ 100 in both Amazon and the official site.

This supplement is far away from being perfect, but it does offer a good boost that you can take to improve your sex life naturally without resourcing to chemical ingredients that could somehow harm your health in the long run. So, to sum up:


  • Offers libido enhancement
  • The increase in testosterone level
  • 100% natural and harmless ingredients
  • Can go in hand with some medical treatments


  • The effect is lost after a few months
  • Fake information about penis size enhancement
  • The price is in the same range as another chemical/ more powerful options

It Depends On YourPlan

If you want to go with natural treatments to deal with dysfunction, you can sharpen yourself completely by using Virility EX along with exercises and a diet can put not only your sex life but your whole health at its best.

If not, Virility EX will only offer a one-time solution that will be lost after three or six months of usage, but you can still enjoy that time. In any case, always consult with your doctor, and perform a check before starting to take the product.

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