What Is FuckFinder?

FreeLifeTimeFuckFinder has been around for a quite long time, and if you go around in adult sites you probably have already run by one or another add for this site.

Scams are in every corner, and judging by other users experiences and what we could see inside the website, this is a website created with the purpose of taking money from people who are up to living an adventure, a warm and pleasant moment for all that person who is of age, since it is one of the requirements that the page requires at the moment of creating your account.

This website has been working since 2013 with online dating, videos and porn photos, which are presumably uploaded by the same users who share their moments of passion and fever with each other, but we will get you to the end of it in thisFuckFinder Review.

Registering On The FuckFinder For Adult Hookup Sites Is Very Easy.

At the beginning and in the navigation of the page, a series of simple questions appear for you to answer. It is necessary to emphasize that you must be of legal age, but the site does not ask for any personal information with which your identity can be exposed.

But, this is where things start getting shady. Just as most adult websites, in order to pick up your age without requesting a full KYC program they request your credit card information. At this point, you have to be paying attention! The “make me premium” case is marked automatically.

Review: FuckFinder And Its Memberships

Despite what it initially offers, due to some facts that we will explain later in this review, FuckFinder doesn’t compete with websites like InstaBang.

With the creation of the free user, you will already be inside this site, but for better enjoyment of the place and all the hot content it offers, it is utterly required to get a membership that you can pay with either PayPal or credit card.

Their prices are below average, but still can sum up to a 100$ billing if you let yourself go, and they give you a certain time so you can enjoy without any interruption everything FuckFinder offers which includes:

  • Sending and receiving messages.
  • Free online sex cams
  • Porn Videos
  • Porn Pictures
  • Uploading hot videos to share with other users

Among other pleasurable options offered by the membership.

How About Their Pricing?

Here we got for you a list with the site’s current pricing list at 2018

  • $ 74.85 for a 3-month paid membership.
  • $ 119.70 for a full paid membership of 6 months.
  • $ 29.95 / full monthly payment.
  • $ 2.97 for 3 days and may be renewed for $ 39.95 / month for a full paid membership.

FuckFinder Features

The characteristics of this hot website are many, but once you are in, these are the options you will get from it:

  • My Profile: Where you can edit your information for other users to see
  • My Connections: Where you can manage your hookups
  • Notifications: get to see what is happening in your account
  • Mailbox: Get to chat with other users
  • Online Now: See who is available at the moment to have a good time
  • Scoreboard: Rankings and positions
  • XXX Videos: Watch segmented adult videos
  • Live Cams: Watch live cam girls(or boys)
  • Search: Find people according to a set gender, country, zip code, and age

The Ugly

The real elephant in the room is that the page not only uses false profiles called “Love Stars” to fill space but also, that to create any connection with “real” users requires paying some of the memberships.

Starting there, the premise of being “free” for a lifetime is completely extinct, in addition, there are massively more “Love Star” profiles present on the page than the organic profiles, which means that they do not have a sufficiently large dating pool so that the site is considered a legitimate member of the best dating sites listings.

Are You Really Up To It?

Regarding the opinions of the users and their experiences, almost every FreeLifeTimeFuckFinder review is negative.

This website is far from competing with other online sites, the payment experience is mandatory to access most of the chats because it does not include all the “real” chats as well as to be able to access a large part of the content.

It is recommended that you avoid this site if you are looking for a one-night stand experience, or you want to meet people. Even if you were lucky enough to be able to connect with real profiles or what you are looking for is a camera and video site, the time and money invested for it is higher than in other more popular sites.

Do you want to meet people and spend exciting moments? The best thing is to look for other options.

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