Fap Titans Review

Online adult sex games. Are they worth it? Fap Titans is a cute clicker game that comes with hentai gallery awards and a relaxing gameplay mode that highlights traditional Japanese anime style and unique tactics and sexual content.


Fap Titans is a relaxing, casual clicker style game that relies on time, grinding, and clicking. These aren’t for everyone, but they’re fairly widely enjoyed, especially by those who spend enough time on the computer that they can rack up the clicks and per second damage.

The way Fap Titans works is that you click on monsters, ranging from gross to sexy, and beat them. This gives you coins and other rewards which you can use to unlock new heroes like the sleazy waitress or the sweetly sexy lolita girl. Each hero gives you more damage per second.

That is just the basic outline of the game. The more you play, the more in-depth it gets, with ranked competitions, quests, more awards, and additional gameplay modes. It all revolves around the clicker-style gameplay, and it all boils down to getting enough “memory shards” from defeating the monsters to unlock more and more picture galleries.

Sex Appeal & Sexual Content

A lot of people play adult online games as an alternative way to receive stimulation aside from watching porn. If that description fits you, this game may not be one you’ll want to spend the time to get off. The sex appeal factor is fairly low, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

When you do get the sexy awards, they’re extremely enticing for those who like hentai. You just need to be willing to put in some time and finger exercise to get to these sexy awards. On the outside packaging, sex appeal isn’t huge, but the heroes and monsters are sexy in the traditional Japanese style.

Fap Titans Gallery

Your gallery of unlocked hentai pictures and a few animated scenes and clips is really what this whole game is about. Out of the 3 main forms of in-game currency, the memory shards are what unlock your images.

When you first start the game, you’re allowed to choose 2 favorite tags, and these range from anal to boobs to feet. You’ll have to pay money to change these tags, so choose carefully.

After you’ve done that, you’ll always have 3 options for unlocking pictures. 3 different memory shard “prices”, too. It’s entirely free to open pictures since you get memory shards each time a monster is defeated. On average, after about 30 minutes of gameplay, I managed to unlock 6 images at the highest memory shard price point.

On to the appearance of the images! They are hot, for those who are into hentai. Very explicit, uncensored, very out there. Some popular anime characters were seen in a few, and very large busty girls and thick, veiny cocks.

It’s probably way easier to find full galleries and videos of hentai online, but it was kind of exciting clicking through the monsters to “earn” my gallery pictures. After a few days, there may be enough to actually fap too!


This was a feature that was almost missed at first! When you reach a certain level, usually about 10 minutes into the game, you get to enter the “ranked” area. The more you play, the better you’re ranked, and the higher your score.

As your score increases, you receive gifts. These gifts are used to give to heroes and unlock sexy animations. I only got one unlocked so far, but it was really sexy, and it’s exciting to see more than just static images available to earn in the game.

It’s a lot harder and time-consuming to unlock the animations, but worth it.


So, Fap Titans is a free-to-play game, but there is the option to buy 2 more currency forms with real money. This unlocks extra features, progresses you faster, and generally makes your time easier. However, you can get access to all of the porn without paying a cent if you have the time to spare.


Fap titans is a clicker that game that makes you work for your porn. It’s a great browser to have open and running in the background while you do other stuff since the most damage for your clicks generates per second. Click back over to the game every few minutes to unlock new pictures, upgrade your heroes, and progress in the game.

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