Altbuddies Review

Online dating is cool, but online hook-up finders are better! Websites dedicated to finding locals or online connections to bring your sexual fantasies to life and find who you’re looking for are great for quick, easy access to others who want the same things as you.

Altbuddies is one of many online hookup sites, but it’s a little different and more exciting than general platforms out there. Learn more about the hidden alternative gem for online hooking up in this full review!

What Is Altbuddies?

In the world of online dating, you have a massive pool of people to choose from with different interests and dislikes of yours. This can make finding something very specific difficult unless you can find a niche site like Altbuddies.

Sites like Altbuddies takes a certain interest, or a related group of them, and creates a website for those who share it to sign up and find other like-minded individuals. In the case of Altbuddies, they take the interest in BDSM and put it an easy-to-use online platform.

The purpose behind Altbuddies is to give BDSM fans a place to connect with others, either local or far away, to get involved sexually and share that interest. Like many online platforms for finding others to fuck, you may be skeptical.

Is Altbuddies Safe?

The web is scattered with scam sites that waste your time and money. It’s hard to find a website you can trust, but Altbuddies passes the test. With active members, a reliable community, and actual people ready to meet and get down to business.

What makes Altbuddies different is their ability to enjoy free membership and the fact their community is loyal to their platform. You can pay for a better membership, but you don’t have to if you don’t need every feature.

Who Is Altbuddie’s Audience?

Altbuddies is different from other fuck finder services that contain a general population. At Altbuddies, you’re getting involved with a more “alternative” crowd, hence the name. They feature a big audience of kinksters with more in-depth kinks, like BDSM and related niches.

In the first part of your registration to the site, you can pick some main kinks you’re wanting to find someone else to share with. These range from bondage, BDSM, sadism, masochism, and more. If you’re someone who has BDSM kinks and wants to find others to connect with, Altbuddies is great for you!

A lot of the members on Altbuddies often have a bit of an “alternative” style too, with tattoos and piercings and unique clothing sense. This is a bit fetish for a lot of people, so even if you don’t fit that personally, you can find the people you’re attracted to on Altbuddies. There is a large variety of people as far as appearances go, but it’s a good place to find a higher amount of alternative styles.

How Do You Use Altbuddies?

When you sign up for Altbuddies, you give them your email, birthdate, and some information about what you’re looking for. By doing this, your profile will be shown your best matches first.

To active your profile, you just have to verify your email and you’re set to go!

Next, you fill out your profile. This is important because it’s how you catch someone’s interest online.  Fill it out with things you find important about your sexuality, interests, and what you’re hoping to find.


Having a basic account is free, but you can upgrade for a monthly charge to get access to more features. You can get a gold or VIP membership if the free one isn’t enough for you.

Features in Gold:

  • View full galleries of nudes and other photos posted by members
  • Access to advanced search filters
  • Webcam chat on Altbuddies unlocked
  • Text chatting
  • Unlimited ability to reply to messages
  • $29.99 month

Features in VIP:

  • Everything in Gold
  • Priority listing
  • Connect with every tier of members
  • Costs an extra $14.90 a month

Ready To Connect With Alternative Kinksters?

Altbuddies is safe to use, an active website full of kinky, horny people ready to fuck! They signed up to meet others with an interest in alternative lifestyle and sexual interests, heavily focused on BDSM and sub-relations, so if that fits your bedroom fantasy, sign up!

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