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There was a time when renting a movie meant to go to your closest video store –Do you even remember blockbuster? – And taking the video from a shelf.

Well, the same thing happened with porn. In order to get porn videos in the ’90s, you had to go to that special section of the store or even go to an “adult specialized” store.

Adult Video on Demand

Nowadays we have porn everywhere online but we came across a site that offers that nostalgic blockbuster’s feeling in a platform that resembles general movie rental sites like Netflix.

This is why we decided to make a review on Adult to see if it really is different than other porn sites or services.

How Does Adult Work?

Well, to begin with, it doesn’t work like Netflix at all, instead of paying a by the month to have unlimited access, you will pay for a number of minutes of porn that you will be able to watch from the site’s gallery.

But don’t get discouraged, even when this can stack up and become expensive you can get some really great high-quality porn that matches with the best adult industry sites at a great bargain price.

In addition, instead of paying a regular monthly base rent for unlimited porn that you won’t watch, you will only pay based on your consumption.

What Do They Offer?

Adult has more than 90.000 full-movie DVDs available at this moment and it is constantly updated every working day.

That being said, you will also notice that a great % of the content is not really exclusive and you could find it anywhere else, but they do own some of the sponsored lines granting you thousands of exclusive videos while getting the ones from other sites as well.

In addition, you can access galleries from all the models of the site, live webcams and chat with other users through their forums in social media.

About The Quality

This is one of the few sites that is actually friendly toward slow connections, when using Adult you will be able to watch your videos at low, medium, high and HD quality –They do not offer 4K yet-

About The Models

Here is where AdultRental stands out the most, they have a lifetime set of galleries with more than 300 models into their “pornstar” label and with more than 9000 galleries to count up, which by the way won’t count as movie time.

About The Site

The website is quite friendly. Since there are so many movies here they decided to make it simple to narrow the search, this way, you can actually look for categories, porn stars, and porn studios.

You will also find top-rated and newly released categories if you want to get fresh porn or just skip the search to get what everyone thinks is the best.

Rates and Fees

There are really few things you can enjoy in Adult for free, but their prices can be really competitive if you are not consuming too much porn.

Take a look at the rates in $/minutes

  • $8.96/70 minutes
  • $13.46/125 minutes
  • $17.96/220 minutes
  • $26.96/350 minutes
  • $44.96/625 minutes
  • $89.96/1350 days

Keep in mind that this is just a streaming and rental service, which means that you can’t actually download the content.

To Sum Up

Websites like Adult usually offer great content, but the offer here is massive, you will find so many movies that you can’t probably see them all in a lifetime. In addition, the quality of the videos is above average and they also offer live cams for you to enjoy and chat.

On the downside, you will not be able to download anything from this site, and on top of this, most of the content is actually non-exclusive, which means that you can actually get it from somewhere else on the internet.


  • Great prices for low-consumers
  • Extremely wide gallery
  • Above average sexy models
  • Additional cam girls
  • Nude photo galleries
  • Slow-internet friendly


  • Very limited for high-consumers
  • You can’t download anything –But you can ask for even lifetime access to a specific movie-
  • Most of the content is non-exclusive –Including most of the best content-
  • Very few short videos

Overall Good

In the end, this is a great site to look for online rental porn movies as long as you are into long content, you have an average or below average porn consumption and you are not in the need of actually downloading the videos for future use offline.

Our verdict is to take a look! And if you see anything you like, give it a shot!

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