420BangMe Review – Sex Hookups

There are hundreds of adult hookup sites, and although a large majority end up being a scam or just having a very limited number of users, there are sites that truly manage to position themselves through innovative campaigns that allow people to get closer with ease.

Among these sites, you may have noticed that 420BangMe.com appears quite often on your screen; and because this website is supported by dozens of positive reviews, we decided to do a thorough investigation to see what it is about.

A Banging Paradise for Weed-friendly Users?

As it sounds, the initial premise of 420BangMe is to connect users who are as well marijuana users; so this website is dedicated to specific demography and if you are strictly against consumption, it is simply not the right place for you. – On this, you can see our review on other sites like Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder

How Does 420BangMe Work?

Like the best adult dating sites, this website consists of a platform of profiles in which you can meet people from your area to establish temporary relationships or just enjoy a wild night out.

However, the main theme of the site is the support for the legalization of marijuana, for which it offers fairly complete information on its use and precautions at the recreational level since you open the first page.

Once you pass the first information you find a common design among the cheating dating sites, which includes a search engine for profiles as well as the management of your profile and searches by categories.

The form of use is simple, find a profile that you like, add the person – or partner – and start chatting through a mail option or the paid live chat! If you get to meet them in real life, then you can enjoy casual sex and most probably a good smoke.

Rates and Fees

The service in the first instance is free, something like Tinder, however, the gold memberships offer benefits that are difficult to ignore:

  • Unlimited access to messages by inbox -Free accounts have a daily limit of people to whom you can write to-
  • Access to live video chats
  • Access to private images of other members

These benefits may interest you but you are not entirely convinced, so before committing to a monthly payment of almost $ 35, you can buy trial periods of 2 or 7 days.

In any case, this is the price list for the membership and trial periods:

  • $ 4.96 for a 2-Day Trial
  • $ 69.65 for a 7-Day Trial
  • $ 34.95 for a 1-Month Subscription
  • $ 69.90 for a 6-Month Subscription
  • $ 80.04 for a 12-Month Subscription

Our recommendation, in this case, is that you try first with the two days, since it is the cheapest way, and if you feel that you will be in this for a long time, six or twelve months of subscription represent a saving in the end.

Other Features

In addition to the aforementioned, 420BangMe has an online radio channel that offers information and tips on the use of cannabis as a medical and recreational level, as well as advances in the subject.

In addition, the site has privacy protection systems, spam prevention, accessible links to cancel your subscription at any time and notifications of active members.

Another important feature is that the website has only organic profiles– this does not mean that there are no profiles of scammers, but means that the page does not use false profiles to promote the use of the platform-


  • The site is dedicated to a demographic, this allows the odds of hooking up with someone to be much higher.
  • Zero fake profiles
  • Great Spam Filters
  • Informational features
  • Clear unsubscribe options available all the time
  • Platform available in other languages including Spanish and Portuguese


  • Not good for everybody
  • Zero possibilities of live communication for free
  • Only three subscription alternatives -Where only two of them are really worth it based on the price-

At the End

At the end of the day,t his website is quite good, they work legally and legitimately, they protect your identity and they are aware of what is happening on their platform, which is attractive for women –who are usually the smallest population in this type of sites-.

If you are in favor of marijuana, or better yet, you are an active consumer, this website mixes that pleasure with sex in a definitive way, presenting you a connection space to this community. What are you waiting for sign up for it?

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