2Fuck.com Review

If you have been surfing online in search for a place to get casual dates, you already know that there are thousands of adult hookup sites that claim to offer great services and end up being a scam.

Recently, we ran into 2Fuck.com –which by the way sounds promising just by the title- and decided to review it in deep so that you have the best experience possible.

What Is 2Fuck.Com?

Is this one of the best adult dating sites you can find online? Not in a long shot, but don’t get discouraged, it is actually not a scam either and can be useful if you play your cards right.

The truth is that 2Fuck.com is a funnel redirecting site that works towards other dating sites, which do are legit.

To put it simply, this site will promise you free adult dating and will ask you for personal information, and then, instead of giving you an online dating site service, it will redirect you, along with your data, to another site.

Is Your Information Safe?

2Fuck.com is actually managed by Crakrevenue, a leading marketing company in the online adult industry. Their work is to generate traffic helping adult sites to get more visitors, data, and conversions.

This way, you can conclude that your information is probably safe, but this leaves the elephant in the room since 2Fuck.com doesn’t have any set of terms and conditions and never asks for your permission to distribute your information along with all those other sites.

Where Does This Take You?

Well, after trying a few times we got to XXXPersonals.com and Ashley Madison, which are indeed solid and legit adult cheating dating sites.

In the end, the redirecting part is not an issue, but rather a really common marketing strategy online which you can see in a lot of industries, online video games, casinos, eBooks marketing, and even some services.

On the downside, well it would be equal for you to find for yourself a really legit site and give it your best shot and you actually wouldn’t be leaving your personal information out there.

To Sum Up

Let’s view this 2Fuck.com review by points:


  • Is backed up by a renowned online marketing company
  • Redirects you to at least 2 legit adult hookup sites


  • Your personal information is used without your consent
  • There are no terms and conditions, nor any form of customer service
  • It is not a dating site, so you will actually be just wasting extra time in the process

In the end, we can advise skipping this site, as it may lead to other sites that are not legit and your information has no need to be out there for free and without any legal disclosure.

If you are looking for a real hookup site to have fun with, there are a few we can recommend.

Some Recommendations

If what you want is some quick all-around action, SnapSextApp can be a nice opportunity which offers you a forum-like place to meet new people with your same interests in a safe and protected environment –And it prevents catfishing by using a verifying account system and lets you know which users are not verified and are potentially fake-

Another decent option is Fuckbook, which has an above average user pool and allows you to meet people near your area or in specific areas and with a nice custom search to view only profiles adapted to your taste. On the downside, this one really pushes you to go premium, which actually should depend on your decision and your budget.

Keep in mind that these are just three sites, there are more of best adult dating sites out there waiting for you, so go ahead and take some great bed action!

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